A “not to miss” opportunity for….

  • Club Presidents
  • Club Foundation Chairs
  • Club Membership Chairs
  • Club Public Image Chairs
  • AND….all Rotarians who want to make YOUR Rotary Club the Best!!​​​​​​​

Take PUBLIC IMAGE for example…these exciting classes will be offered:

  1. Creating videos to market your clubs
  2. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…the how’s of Social Media
  3. Creative Marketing
  4. Hash tags and why they are important

What about MEMBERSHIP you ask?

  1. Pitching Rotary to young professionals
  2. Does your club need to change?
  3. What creates a vibrant club?
  4. Rekindling the PASSION

And let’s not forget about THE ROTARY FOUNDATION

  1. Leveraging TRF for Doing Good in the World
  2. Annual Fund- Why is it important?
  3. Where are we with POLIO?
  4. Your Foundation

Arrive by 8 am – done by 1 pm.
Stay tuned for location