Youth Programs

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

February 10-12, 2023

Florida Sea Base- Islamorada, FL

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a life-changing leadership training program where young people learn, develop, and enhance leadership skills and principles in an atmosphere of trust and respect. RYLA encourages and assists current and potential youth leaders in methods of responsible and effective leadership. Many past RYLArians claim, “It was the best weekend of my life!”

Students who are currently high school sophomores or juniors may apply to attend RYLA. Generally, applicants selected have excelled in one or more areas of high school involvement and have potential or proven leadership experience. 


The RYLA Application Process

  • Every attendee is supported and funded by an eligible Rotary Club. It costs each club $300 for every attendee they send, so each club strives to send their best candidates each year. As such, the application process is competitive, and we cannot automatically accept every applicant into the conference.
  • RYLA runs from Friday, February 10 through Sunday, February 12th. It will be necessary to be absent from school on Friday, February 10th.  Participants cannot arrive late or depart early. STOP HERE AND DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CANNOT COMMIT TO ATTENDING THE ENTIRE CONFERENCE.
  • Students participating in RYLA must follow the Sea Base health guidelines that may be in force at the time of the conference, including COVID-19 protocols.
  • After completing your on-line application, you will be contacted by a Rotary Club representative to complete the selection process. 
  • Bus transportation is provided for students from Broward and Miami-Dade counties.
  • Parent/Legal Guardian consent and signatures are required to attend RYLA.