On behalf of your excited District Leadership Team, let me welcome you to the new Rotary Year!!!

Annual Change of Leadership

I want you to imagine changing your business leadership every year…President, Officers, Chairs and Board. What would happen? Is it even possible?  Would your business survive?

Rotary has been doing it for over 100 years.  The only way it’s possible is to have a deep respect and support between the past, present and future leadership teams and a strong commitment to the strength of diversity.

Successful, confident Rotarians with a willingness to serve to understand this when they choose to live by the motto Service Above Self.  The annual passing of the gavel is a symbol of a deep respect for those who have served in the past and an eagerness to share, teach and pass the gavel to the next team.

Thank you, ALAN!

First, let me formally thank our Immediate Past District Governor Alan Cohn for his exemplary service to us this past Rotary year.  His friendly, empathetic style lead us through a very active and sometimes challenging year filled with great accomplishments, fun events, disasters and tragedies all while maintaining a successful law practice.  Alan, you are a true Inspiration to all of us.  THANK YOU!

And so, it begins…

I am humbled, honored and really excited to serve as your District Governor this year.  My wife Sara and I have been so warmly welcomed by everyone, we truly feel the warmth of our Rotary family.  Thank you!

After 2.5 years of anticipation, preparation, training and team building, your District team stands at the ready with a deep desire to serve you and your clubs. Serving you and your clubs is our job.  We are looking forward to giving you all the best service with the intention that you have the best Rotary membership experience.


We are so fortunate to have “one of our own” Barry Rassin from East Nassau, Bahamas lead us this year as Rotary International President.  If you don’t know him I encourage you to watch one of his videos or meet him at one of our events.  You will be impressed with his genuine, warm style and his resilient embrace of the Rotary fundamentals.

Barry has given us the theme “BE THE INSPIRATION”.  Since he is from the Bahamas, you’ll notice the wave and bright colors of the islands in his theme logo.  He reminded us that like the oceans that connect us, we are all connected by the power of Rotary.

As defined by Merriam Webster, Inspiration is: “The action or power of moving the intellect or emotions”

As Barry has said, “…you do not ask a person to build a boat, rather, you inspire them with the love and longing of the sea…”

Let’s remember this as we ask each other to attain new heights and help more people this year.

Our goals

The Presidential Citation is an annual opportunity for us to rekindle our embrace the fundamentals of best practices for our clubs and challenge us to stretch for more.  Barry’s also focuses on a stronger integration of our youth programs.  Our District goal:  100% of our clubs earn one.

 Membership: Rotary does amazing things and changes lives by doing good in our communities because of people like you. If you look around, you will see we have so much opportunity to attract other people like you so let’s do it.  Our District goal:  10% increase in membership, which is only an average 5 members per club.  It’s achievable, we have local clubs and districts that are achieving this already.  All you have to do is ask.

 Foundation: As you know, when Doing Good in the World we are able to do more with grants and matching funds.  The more we fundraise; the more funds are available to be matched.

Our District goals: $200/capita, $1m in new donors, Night of 1000 Paul Harris Fellows

Public Image:  If we let others know about who we are, how much fun we are having and the impact we are making, we will attract new members, funding and community support.  Let’s be proud of what we do.  Our District goal:  Every Club have a People of Action Campaign

Youth Services:  Our Youth are our future and we have 4 programs to connect, inspire, nurture and help develop future Rotarians:  Interact, Rotaract, RYLA and Youth Exchange.  If we don’t develop the next generation, Rotary will end with ours.  Our District goals:  Every club participates in every youth program, have 20 Rotaract Clubs in our district

 Events: “If you are not having fun, you’re not doing Rotary right”A large part of why Rotary is so special is that we develop friendships through service.  We will offer more opportunities for members to meet new friends, include families and strengthen existing relationships.  Our District goals:  5 Regional BBQs, R2R Socials, 2 Family of Rotary events

 Rotary Journey

Rotary is a participation sport.  We believe that as you reach deeper into your Rotary membership experience you will not only BE THE INSPIRATION to those around you and in your community, you can have the Best Year of your Rotary Journey.  You will probably experience personal and professional growth as well.  If this is not the best year of your Rotary journey, let me know.

See you soon

I look forward to seeing you during my official District Governor visits to your club and at Club and District events.  Thank you for your service, your commitment and your friendship.

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