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With our growing community of 1.4 million members,
located around the world.



Rotarians invest approximately 47 million volunteer hours every year, into improving the lives of those around them



Rotary awarded $333 million to global service initiatives throughout the 2020 pandemic

Meet the Rotarians of District 6990

Executives in Philanthropy

Volunteer With Us

As we begin our Rotary year, here is a quick reminder of the service projects we have on our schedule so far. We do not have exact dates for everything, but please keep these projects in mind and be on the lookout for more information. If you would like to help with any of these projects, please contact the chair directly.

Rotarians In Action

Meet District 6990 Governor

Dennis Caltagirone

Helping Those in Need

My name is Dennis “Den” Caltagirone, District Governor for Rotary year 2024-25. It is with great pleasure that we begin our journey together in bringing services and assistance to those in need. Every Rotarian and Rotaractor, Interactor and Early Actor have an important role to play, as we work together as a family in all things we call Rotary Service. Together, we can accomplish everything we set our minds to. We all bring our vocation and many avocations to the table of service. We are inclusive and supportive at every level of Rotary. We are a membership organization and as such we want to invite a representative cohort of prospective new Rotary family members to our clubs. Everything in Rotary starts with ourmembers. Our clubs are the most important level of Rotary and each member is a valuable contributor to all future success. We will work diligently to make sure each member receives value for the expenditure of time, talent, and treasury.

The District Team is made up of a number of committees and sub-commitments all populated with Rotarians from our cadre of clubs. The District Team functions to serve the club leadership and hence the members in the pursuit of meeting the needs of those at home and beyond. Our only agenda is, “service to others.”

Every club event or FUNraiser is important as we work together to ensure success. We look forward to collaborations among clubs on a number of initiatives and events. Our Assistant Governors (AG’s) are also members of the, “Service Team.” Their responsibility is to facilitate clubs and members in all endeavors. Each AG functions as a direct representative of the District Governor and as the conduit for information that flows from the clubs to the district and the district to the clubs. The entire leadership team works to bring support and service to all members and clubs.

Your area AG will be visiting your club quarterly and will always be available via the normal channels of communication. If you need assistance or an answer to a question, they are a great source. Be sure to contact your AG.

Please note the District Calendar in this first issue of the Rotary District Magazine. We have a number of exciting events and training opportunities for each and every Rotarian to enjoy this coming Rotary year. If you are a new member of Rotary we would like to suggest that you sign up for the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) for the Fall session. All dates will be posted on DACdb and the website as we work to keep members informed.

There are so many other wonderful opportunities to share from the clubs, and they will be reflected in numerous articles submitted to the District Magazine. Remember, we are not in this business of Service alone. We have one another, and that is powerful! Let’s make use of our talents and experiences at every opportunity as we strive to bring the very best service to those in need at home and beyond. “Onward and Upward!”

Dennis Caltagirone

District Governor

Rotary International District 6990

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