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Welcome to “Meet Our Rotarians,” the podcast that delves into the inspiring stories of business executives who are also esteemed members of Rotary International, a global philanthropic organization dedicated to making a positive impact in communities worldwide. In each episode, we sit down with influential leaders from various industries as they share their insights on life, business, and the power of service.

Hosted by Adi Soozin, “Meet Our Rotarians” explores the personal and professional journeys of these executives, unraveling the ways in which they leverage their vocational knowledge for impactful service projects, both locally and globally. This podcast goes beyond the boardroom, providing listeners with a unique perspective on the intersection of business leadership and meaningful community engagement.

In each episode, our guests answer four essential questions that offer a glimpse into their Rotary journey:

  1. Who Are You & What Is Your Profession: Our guests introduce themselves, providing a brief overview of their professional background and the industries they have made an impact in. Listeners will discover the diverse array of leaders who have found common ground in Rotary’s commitment to service.
  2. How Do You Use Your Vocational Knowledge in Service Projects Locally & Globally: Dive into the heart of Rotary’s mission as our guests share specific examples of how they apply their expertise to create positive change. Whether it’s spearheading local initiatives or contributing to global projects, these executives showcase the transformative power of aligning professional skills with philanthropy.
  3. When Did You Join Rotary & What Made You Decide to Join: Learn about the pivotal moments in our guests’ lives that led them to Rotary. Discover the personal stories and motivations behind their decision to become part of this esteemed organization dedicated to making a difference.
  4. What Is One Thing That You’d Want to Tell Those Thinking of Joining Rotary International: Gain valuable insights as our guests impart wisdom and encouragement to those considering joining Rotary International. Hear firsthand the impact Rotary has had on their lives and careers, and discover the rewards that come from being part of a global network committed to service above self.

“Meet Our Rotarians” is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration, motivation, and a deeper understanding of how business executives are using their skills to create positive change in the world through Rotary International. Subscribe now to join the conversation and be inspired by the stories of these philanthropic leaders.

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